Belpò shopping center completely renovated, inaugurated today in San Rocco al Porto: a welcoming place for all citizens


With a new design inspired by Lombard country farmsteads, and thanks to the doubling of spaces, citizens can enjoy many new services, meet up, shop and access restaurants – even during the evening.

San Rocco al Porto, July 20th, 2019 – A comfortable and cozy place, where citizens meet up, have fun, shop, take advantage of the new services and get in touch with the territory’s associations. The Belpò shopping center, completely renovated, was inaugurated this morning with the participation of Matteo Delfini, Mayor of San Rocco al Porto. Starting from today, the shopping center’s name is Belpò: a name that was chosen by the very citizens through a Facebook survey. Ceetrus Italy redoubled and completely renovated the spaces: the Belpò shopping center now has an exterior design inspired by characteristic Lombard country farmsteads. Inside, 60 new shops are now part of the shopping center, while on the outside there are three new functioning stores, and a fourth one will open before the end of the year. The food court has also been completely renovated, and will be open also during the evening to host shows and entartainment events. Starting in September, at the first floor of the shopping center, new innovative spaces devoted to sharing will be open, together with a health clinic and many other services.

The Mayor of San Rocco al Porto, Matteo Delfini, stated that:

«This is a day of huge satisfaction for a project we’ve been working on for two years, that brings many advantages to the community. We’re celebrating today and the many days to come. We are very thankful to Ceetrus for what it’s doing in our territory».

It’s a big investment for Ceetrus Italy, firm involved in the creation of commercial buildings in the national territory, as is confirmed by Raffaella Colacicco, Head of Property Ceetrus Italy:

«The Belpò shopping center is an innovative space with the purpose of becoming a landmark for citizens of the area, for San Rocco al porto and all of the neighbouring towns: a sharing and social space, that offers a wide range of services for kids and adults alike, in addition to commercial activities».

The shopping center reaffirms itself as a landmark for the local economic fabric and for the territory’s associations, supporting the needs of citizens. On the superstore’s shelves, costumers can find over 400 products from 34 local suppliers: wine, cheese, charcuterie and fresh pasta coming from the Lodi and Piacenza countryside. During the year, many solidarity initiatives collecting food and clothes to donate are carried out. As a matter of fact, during the first 6 months of 2019, over 40 tons of food (comparing to over 80 thousand meals) were donated to Coop Sociale La Famiglia Nuova di Lodi, associated to Rete Banco Alimentare. Moreover, thanks to the association Humana People to People Italia, over 20 tons of clothes were gathered in the four containers located in the shopping center’s parking lot, allowing an important environmental result: the saving of 120.480.000 litres of water and avoiding the emission of 72 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. The cooperation with the Caritas of Piacenza-Bobbio and Lodi, local sport associations, as the Pro Loco of San Rocco al Porto, and the Lodi Red Cross, for public demonstrations of the main CPR activities, will also go on.

The Belpò shopping center is located on Strada Statale 9, via Emilia 100, a San Rocco al Porto (LO).
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