Ceetrus Italy signs the agreement on 2-level bargaining focussing on valorisation of people


Smart working, baby week, “donate hours” fund,safeguarding of gender equality and centrality of education. These are some ofthe innovative measures contained in the new company integrating contractsigned by Ceetrus Italy with the support of lawyers Roberta Ruso and FrancescaPittau of the law firm NCTM, and from Filcams, Fisascat and UILTuCS. The textrefers to the concepts of “co”, “care”, “committed” and “innovative” as part ofthe company vision for 2030. It introduces actions orientated towards thewellbeing of employees and a healthy work-life balance:  in addition to flexible hours, news such as the“smart working” option and “baby week” will be introduced.
In order to promote solidarity between colleagues a new internal fund has beencreated, “Ceetrus Donaore”, that will allow employees to donate paid leaves tocolleagues with serious familiar and personal problems, with particular attentionto those who take care of children with serious medical conditions.

The contract acknowledges the central role ofeducation and professional development by investing on the personal growth ofeach employee.
Says Ethel Brezzo, Human Resources Manager of Ceetrus Italy

We believe that supporting our employees is the only real way to look afterthe company’s interests I am particularlysatisfied with the introduction of very innovative elements that aim at thegeneral wellbeing of our employees, allow to reach an healthy work-life balanceand put formation and professional development first. Elements of solidarityare consistent with our ambition to give practical shape to our vocation interms of social responsibility. This achievement is the result of a continuousdialogue, listening and understanding of the position of all people involved.

The variable remuneration system was reviewed bytransforming the “progress award” into “value award”, based on three parametersrelated to company activity. The maximum payout with the achievement ofoutstanding results can be up to 25% of GAP (Gross Annual Pay).

Employees will be able todecide on a voluntary basis whether to convert the payout resulting from thevariable remuneration system within the measures defined within a welfare planthat was updated and expanded thanks to the creation of a new portal dedicatedto ad-hoc convents and provided by our welfare provider Eudaimon.

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