Ceetrus reveals the details of the new Merlata Mall and of the Rescaldina center expansion during Cannes Mapic


Ceetrus will be attending Mapic between November 13-15, at the R7K11 stand, to present its main ongoing projects. This year’s theme, “a new mix between shops and living spaces”, is perfectly aligned with Ceetrus’ principles: creating progressive and sustainable spaces, offering a living experience beyond shopping.

Milan, November 6th 2019 – The retail industry is experiencing a huge evolution, just like consumers’ habits and lifestyle in general. Ceetrus is determined to be a protagonist of this change, continuing the process of modernising its shopping centers’ and taking part in the construction of new living spaces connected with the territory that combine shops, buildings, offices, recreation areas and services.

On the occasion of the 24th edition of Mapic, which will take place in Cannes between November 13-15, Ceetrus, which is going to be at stand R7K11, will introduce the ongoing projects’ key innovations.
In France, for instance, the opening of a large recreation area at the Autoshopping site “Les Promenades de Betigny” in Bretigny sur Orge, or the transformation of the Promenade de Flandres site in Roncq; the new shopping center in Pushkino (Russia), and the renovation of the Obuda center in Hungary.

When it comes to Italy, Ceetrus Italy will introduce a project of expansion for the Rescaldina shopping center, which includes redoubling the gallery’s surface within 2021; and the creation of the newly acquired Merlata Mall, which is going to rise betwwen Milan and Rho, in the area adjacent to Expo – MIND.
The new Merlata Mall will be developed on a 70.000 square meter surface, in the heart of the first urban smart district in Milan, and will be composed of two connected futurist buildings, adjacent to the Uptown residential complex which will be connected to the Expo – MIND area thanks to a pedestrian bridge. The site will offer an experience that goes beyond shopping. It’s going to be a place to have fun in, get together, discover flavours, enjoy events, find inspiration, and play with one’s kids. A place where everybody can belong and satisfy their desires; it’s a forward-looking project that combines innovation, sustainability, and the utmost attention to the human factor. The mall is going to host an emotional food court and a commercial area intertwined with an area completely devoted to free time and recreation, which will offer an original Fresh Market format set next to squares and boulevards to walk in, have fun, and try every kind of different food. The first floor will be mainly focused on fashion, with a premium placement thanks to experiential showrooms, experimental stores and high-end services. The second floor is going to host a new-generation multiplex cinema.

The new pole will not only be a commercial area, but rather the beating heart of the Uptown residential complex, hosting entertainment, art, culture, and services. It’s going to be open to the outdoor area thanks to a fully equipped park intertwined with the residential buildings close by, and it’s going to served both by the underground and the railway network. The site is at the heart of the main developing area of Milan: between the new Stephenson district and MIND, the innovation district located in the former EXPO area, which includes the Human Technopole, the future Università Statale and the new Galeazzi Hospital branch.
The desin of the new Merlata Hall has been entrusted to high-end architecture studio Calliston RTKL, well known for its succesful projects around the world, commissioned by developers, retailers, funds and public authorities. www.callisonrtkl.com

The Merlata Mall project in numbers:

70.000 square meters of GLA
4 floors, of which 2 devoted to retail and 2 to entertainment
190 shops
40 restaurants and bars
1 Fresh Market
10.000 square meters of innovative and immersive entertainment
1 multiplex cinema
2 underground MM1 stops
2 railway connection stops

The area’s incoming people:

15.000 residents
25.000 students
38.000 workers
5.000 researchers
15.000 area visitors
30.000 mall clients
For a total of over 125.000 people everyday

The context in which the Merlata Mall rises
EXPO Mind Area – Milan Innovation District
Human Technopole – New Italian Research Institute for Life Sciences
New Galeazzi Hospital – Will gather the IRCCS Galeazzi and the Clinic Institute Sant’Ambrogio
Milan Uptown – New residential neighborhood already partly built and inhabited
Cascina Merlata – New multiservice Community Center already partly working
New Stephenson District – Already known as “”the district of the future”” because of the development solutions taking place.

The dates:
The project will be intriduced on Wednesday November 13th at 11am in the auditorium of the Padiglione Italia, the exposition area organized by CNCC in cooperation with Reed Midem and ITA (Italian Trade Agency – ICE), and at the convention dedicated to development projects in Italy, in the Main Conference Room on Thursday, November 14th at 5.45pm, organized by CNCC in cooperation with QI and sponsored by ITA – Italian Trade Agency.

The project will be presented by:
Anand Remtolla – Site Leader
Cascina Merlata Ceetrus Italy , Ettore Papponetti – Head of Leasing Manager South
Area Ceetrus Italy, e Giampiero Di Maio – Head of Leasing Manager North Area
Ceetrus Italy.
Also RES – a consultancy firm with Ceetrus as its unique owner – will participate in the two conferences, and will have its own dedicated area in the Padiglione Italia.
Edoardo Favro, RES General Director, will present the To Dream project, a new concept mixing shopping and entertainment in a new and unprecedented mix for Turin.

– Stand R7K11: November 13 -14 -15

– Wednesday, November 13th at the Auditorium Italian Pavillion level Riviera 8 of the Palais des Festivals at 11am

Merlata Mall – the project will be presented by:
Anand REMTOLLA – Site Leader Cascina Merlata Ceetrus Italy    
Ettore PAPPONETTI – Head of Leasing Manager South Area Ceetrus Italy    
Giampiero DI MAIO – Head of Leasing Manager North Area Ceetrus Italy

TO Dream (RES) – the project will be presented by:
Edoardo Favro, RES Director General

– Thursday, November 14th at the conference “Development projects in Italy” in the Main Conference Room (Level -1, left aisle) at 5.45pm

Merlata Mall – the roject will be presented by:
Anand REMTOLLA – Site Leader Cascina Merlata Ceetrus Italy    
Ettore PAPPONETTI – Head of Leasing Manager South Area Ceetrus
Giampiero DI MAIO – Head of Leasing Manager North Area Ceetrus Italy

TO Dream (RES) – the project will be presented by:
Edoardo Favro, RES Director General

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