Sustainability: Ceetrus obtains two BREEAM certifications, “BREEAM in use” e “BREEAM RFO”


Two great achievements for CEETRUS Italy. The Shopping Center Auchan of Casamassima (Bari) obtained theCertification BREEAM in Use – Part 1, rating Good, thus earning the title of first commercial property BREEAM in Use certified in Puglia, while the Shopping Center Porte dei Laghi of Rescaldina (Milano) obtained the Certification BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015: Retail, rating Good for the restyling project, obtaining the title of first shopping centerBREEAM RFO certified in Italy. Both owned by CEETRUS Italy S.p.A., the two shopping centers were involved in the certification project to meet the sustainability objectives of the company strategic plan.

The Professional Services Department of Duff & PhelpsREAG, specialising in the field of Energy & Green Building, assisted CEETRUS throughout the whole process, which ended with the issue of the two certificates.

Protocol “BREEAM InUse” is a necessary tool to assess the sustainability and sustainable management of an existing asset; its added value lies in the opportunity of improving the quality of interior spaces, with the consequent improvement of all real estate aspects.

Protocol“BREEAM RFO” has as its goal the environmental impact assessment of fit-out and renovation projects for all “non-domestic” buildings. The scheme focuses on energy consumption, water resources, impact on the surrounding environment and management aspects by always referring to internationally recognised standards.

Marco Balducci, Ceetrus Italy General Manager, has commented:

Environmental sustainability is at the centre of Ceetrus’ strategy when it comes to new buildings and renovation projects. In the case of Casamassima we wanted to increase energy efficiency as well as reduce emissions and the environmental impact by improving the comfort of spaces for our clients and productivity for our collaborators. In the case of Rescaldina, the redevelopment project focused on reducing the energy consumption, a better water resources management and evaluating the environmental impact on the territory. We are proud to have earned such a prestigious award for two structures very different from each other and located in two very different sites. It will be for us a priority to continue along this path on all refurbishment projects and for the future development.

Luigi Novazzi, Phelps REAG S.p.A., Managing Director, has added:

The achieved results are in line with the market trend, where sustainability plays an increasingly important role. Real estate operators and real estate users are ever more sensitive to topics such as the comfort of the internal environment, consumption reductions, and property’s impact on the surrounding environment.These themes become even more important for Companies to define their CorporateSocial Responsibility, and are taken into great consideration in SustainabilityReports. All main Group companies – in Italy and abroad – are assessing their properties’ quality and sustainability performances, both existing and under construction, and to make this process clear on the market and for users they are adopting internationally recognised Green Building protocols (LEED,BREEAM).

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