Falconara Center, discover all services and shops in this shopping center.

The Grande Cuneo Shopping Centre is a leader in its catchment area thanks to a comprehensive and functional merchandise mix which caters for a transverse target audience. The Centre reflects the colours and excellence of the local area and hosts a brand new food court which also offers tourists from France a reason to visit, creating a cross-border meeting place. The Centre is strategically located on the road which connects the city of Cuneo, just a few kilometres away, to the Cuneo-Asti motorway. The single storey structure comprises 1 hypermarket and 46 shops. The Centre is made increasingly attractive by the adjacent Retail Park, which comprises 4 Middle Surface Units, including Decathlon, and a fuel station and car wash.

Adda Center è il punto di riferimento per gli acquisti di tutti i giorni in città. Per i consumatori rappresenta una seconda Adda Center Shopping Centre is a point of reference for everyday city shopping. For consumers it represents second home, warm and welcoming, bright and eco-friendly, which reflects nature and the colours of the local area. The Centre is easily accessible from anywhere in its catchment area. Opened in 1976, the Shopping Centre has since been extended and now comprises 1 hypermarket and 32 shops, of which 2 are Middle Surface Units. The discount fuel station, located within the Shopping Area, provides an additional reason to visit.

The Belpò Shopping Centre aims to establish itself as the preferred shopping and leisure destination for Lodi and Piacenza residents. The pleasant, welcoming setting offers a feeling of wellbeing for all the family, who can access a balanced selection of goods and services and enjoy numerous references to their local culture. The Centre is located in San Rocco al Porto, close to the city of Piacenza, on the Via Emilia road which links the city to the Piacenza North exit of the A1 motorway, and is easily accessible. The structure, spread over 2 levels, was opened in 1992, extended in 2004 and has undergone a further extension in 2019.

The Borgo d’Abruzzo Shopping Centre is a local Centre, with a focus on convenience. It is an easily accessible family setting, with links to the local area and its traditions, a daily point of reference for shopping and saving. Located at the A14 motorway exit, Cepagatti is considered the historic Shopping Centre within its catchment area. Purchased by the Group in 2001, the Centre was extended to meet the needs of its users and today comprises an hypermarket, 15 shops and 6 Middle Surface Units. The Centre has undergone a restyling in 2017.

The Molinetto Shopping Centre is a point of reference for family shopping in Eastern Brescia. Its warm, welcoming environment is extremely homely and the Centre boasts strong links with the local area and its roots. The Centre is constantly updated and was recently enriched with the addition of new brands which have made it an even more attractive destination. The Mazzano Shopping Centre is located to the East of Brescia, and connected to the city via the ring road. Its catchment area extends beyond the western shore of Lake Garda and benefits from high numbers of tourist consumers during the summer months. The Shopping Centre currently comprises 1 hypermarket and 51 shops, of which 3 are located separately from the main structure.

The Marconi Shopping Centre is located at the heart of the city. It offers Cagliari residents a “close to home” shopping experience in a convenient, comfortable space, closely linked to the local area and its values. Its location, just a few minutes by car from the city centre, plus the presence of over 1600 parking spaces and a metro station adjacent to the complex, make Marconi a popular destination for Cagliari residents. The Shopping Centre offers all the main goods categories, with 1 hypermarket and 45 shops, including a Brico Center and a Middle Surface electronics store.

The Mugnano Shopping Centre is a local Centre, which provides its visitors with a safe, family setting. It is a point of reference for everyday shopping within its catchment area and thanks to the interior restyling completed in 2017, it offers a light airy and welcoming space. Located near the intersection between the Asse Mediano and the Asse Perimetrale primary roads, the Centre comprises a Mall with 40 shops and an hypermarket. It offers a rich and varied selection of shops and services.

Casamassima is Apulia’s largest Shopping Centre and has been the primary shopping destination for an extremely large catchment area for over 20 years. Today it offers an even richer shopping experience, bringing together major brands in a modern, welcoming,eye-catching and unique setting. Its commercial philosophy sums up big shopping and big entertainment in a single word, “Shoppingtainment”. Located on the S.S. 100 road from Bari to Taranto, the Centre comprises 1 hypermarket and a Mall, which following its extension in 2012, now boasts 102 shops, with new brands exclusive to the Bari area. There is also an external Park of 8 commercial units including Decathlon and Leroy Merlin.

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