NHOOD AT TRIENNALE ESTATE 2022 – Culture as a pillar of an innovative approach to real estate services and urban regeneration


Nhood Services Italy, an international real estate consulting firm specialising in urban redevelopment, is the Main Partner of Triennale Estate 2022.

The company, which is part of the AFM Group (Association Familiale Mulliez), takes part in Triennale Estate, the schedule of events in the Garden of Triennale Milano, and proposes a cycle of talks dedicated to sustainability and inclusion, urban and social regeneration, and new forms of public art, with the aim of explaining how much Culture permeates the projects that Nhood co-builds with stakeholders in the territories in which it operates.

There will be many moments of meeting organised by Nhood in Triennale Estate, of which the real estate company shares values, content and the aim of living Culture together.

For Nhood, Culture is one of the pillars and engine of its business model. Just last year, Nhood chose to develop its role as a company providing services, management, capitalisation, marketing and development of real estate assets in Italy by leveraging the element of excellence of the Bel Paese – Culture. In addition to partnerships with important institutions and local entities, Nhood is the first real estate consulting and services company with a Culture Committee and Culture Charter to guide the development of the company and its partners.

Simona Portigliotti, Nhood Marketing, Communication & CSR Director – “For us, Culture represents a fundamental element for the aggregation of a Community, especially in the new urban ecosystems where it is increasingly important to facilitate relationships. We strongly believe in the identity mission of Culture and in its nature as a tool for cohesion, inclusion, urban and social regeneration. Today, Culture is the common thread of every one of our real estate developments and we have taken on the concrete responsibility of promoting it inside and outside the company, not only through the jam-packed series of initiatives aimed at our direct and indirect collaborators and within all of our projects, but also by undertaking this path together with prestigious cultural partners, such as Triennale Milano.”

Anna Tuteur, Nhood Head of Public Affairs and General Secretary of the Culture Committee – “The opportunity to support Triennale Estate corresponds exactly to our corporate objectives: to act on urban regeneration to create or regenerate places of life, spaces of social cohesion and inclusion, for the well-being of the individual according to the model of the 15-minute city. We find Triennale Estate the ideal partner since it represents one of the most important institutions of Milanese culture, and an international point of reference, and we consider this the first step of a long road of valuable activities promoted by our Culture Committee.”

Among the projects that Nhood will discuss as part of Triennale Estate 2022 are the art workshops organised with Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata – aimed at citizens, professionals and enthusiasts, as well as the announcement of an important urban art initiative organised in collaboration with ArtsFor. These will be the protagonists of Nhood’s summer within “Merlata Bloom Milano”, the innovative lifestyle center in the heart of the first urban smart district in Northern Italy, as well as one of the most important real estate projects in Europe that Nhood is developing in Milan.

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