RES assumes management of shopping center “Vulcano buono” designed by Renzo Piano


The eco-oriented design of the building blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape

RES, a company 100% owned by Ceetrus Italy S.p.A., continues itsescalation in the market of shopping centers. From next September 2ndthe mandate of the real estate company will enter into force for themanagement, commercialisation and future renovation of shopping center “VulcanoBuono” of Nola, designed by archistar Renzo Piano. Primary objectives of thenew management will be the increase in traffic and profitability of one of themost important centers in the Campania region.

The design of shopping center “Vulcano Buono” recalls the complexgeological structure of the nearby volcano Vesuvius by replicating its shape aswell as its integration into the surrounding natural landscape. In order toobtain this result, Renzo Piano’s project foresaw the covering of the externalstructure with Mediterranean scrub, a solution that has eliminated almostentirely the environmental impact of the building, which rises on an area of500,000 sqm.

From the outside the complex is actually harmonized with the surroundinglandscape, with the exception of the different entrances whose names recall themost popular touristic destinations of the region (Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi,Positano e Ischia). The same coverings in reinforced concrete are decorated by lawnsand low vegetation that camouflage the building while at the same time replicatingvolcano Vesuvius’ conformation, which is just a few miles away from theshopping center. In this sense one can speak of an actual eco-oriented designapproach.

With its round square of over 20,000 sqm that reminds the famous Piazzadel Plebiscito in Naple, the shopping center “Vulcano Buono” confirms itself asmultifunctional destination and regional attraction for concerts and events.Inside the structure are many and varied activities: retail trade,accommodation and food services, artisan and leisure activities, exhibitionsand social gatherings. In the multifunctional center that hosts the “VulcanoBuono” there is also a hotel, a hypermarket, a cinema complex and adouble-height gallery with over 160 shops, 8,000 parking places and severalrestaurants and bars.

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