Retail real estate. Ceetrus reorganises itself at international level


4 European portfolios have been created to extend beyond national borders. Marco Balducci will be the General Manager for Italy and Luxembourg. Projects EuropaCity and Gare du Nord will have a dedicated direction

Mixedsolutions, services, innovation are the key to responding to the trends of aradically changing sector such as retail real estate. Ceetrus (former Immochan)accepts the challenge and reorganises itself by implementing a strategy thatfocuses on sites’ specificity, their usefulness and their link with the context,and shifts the emphasis – in terms of managerial organisation – from countries to the sites themselves toextend beyond national borders.

Among theobjectives is the need to maintain the commercial nature of all sites. Ceetrussupports commerce and accompanies this change being influenced by new consumerhabits, the evolution of citizens’ needs and the gaze of decision-makers andcommunities, always counting on the attractiveness of retail spaces. Thechallenge is not only the revitalisation of sites and their new “mixed” nature whileremaining true to the company vision, but to create an actual mix of new usesand experiences for a renewed relationship with customers and the entire localecosystem, by focusing especially on the sites’ usefulness, their positiveimpact on the territory and their social function.

In order to facilitate this transition, 4European macro areas have been created to be managered separately, whichrefer to the same number of portfolios: Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraineconstitute the first Portfolio; Spain, Hungary and Portugal the second one,France stands alone as the third one. The fourth area includes Italy and Luxembourg and was entrusted toMarco Balducci, who was already a central figure of Immochan/Ceetrus’ corporateorganisation.
In addition to managing the Portfolio Italy//Luxembourg Balducci will retainhis current international role as Ceetrus’ Head of finance, legal and ITdivision.

Edoardo Favro, former CEO of CeetrusItaly, will be a reference point and consultant in the Ceetrus’ key businessarea and actively involved in the development of RES, consultancy company forthird parties.

In addition to 4 Portfolios, a new dedicated direction has beenestablished to manage the projects EuropaCity and Gare du Nord.

Ceetrus hasadapted its strategy while being consistent with its vision and clearlydefining the key aspects that lead the business. The declared intention is todiversify and intensify the sites by implementing fivestrategies: development of new activities in line with localrequests, development of innovative businesses, making land reserves productiveby finding partners and sponsors, and generally reviewing objectives with adifferent outlook.

Ceetrus willmainly act with real estate funds in mind, creatingvalue in the assets and therefore creating revenue for new investments. Inaddition to the structures’ energy efficiency a crucial point will be thecontinuous analysis of territory requalification opportunities, especially inthe urban context, strategic localisation of sites and presence of flexible andcommitted teams.

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