Social. Oramica arrives in Mesagne to facilitate people affected by autism


Inclusivity and involvement of those who live in a situation of diversity. The ShoppingCenter Mesagne decided to adhere to the project “L’orAmica”, in collaboration with local associations “Coloriamo il mondo” and “Amici di Nico”,with the objective to increase awareness on the problems that people affected by autism spectrum disorders have to face every day.

These conditions, which affect one newborn out of a hundred, can cause difficulty in the processing of sensorial information and make sounds, lights, smells and flavours unbearable, to the point of preventing affected people from doing the most simple tasks, such as shopping and strolling through the commercial center.

The Gallery Mesagne decided to join this initiative every Wednesday from 17 to 18 by switching off sound systems for the broadcasting of music and advertising, reducing lights by 50% and leaving the door of the entrance “Ulivo” open.Additional activities for increasing awareness on the issue will be carried out for the single shops, and “L’orAmica” stickers will be visible at the shopping center’s and shops’ entrance.

Mauro Tatulli, Auchan Mesagne Property manager, says:

The project will start from the first Wednesday of July. It all started from the will of the Commercial center’s Management, in collaboration with the associations in the territory.

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