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We are a real estate service and consultancy company. We support our clients and partners with a complete range of services aimed at enhancing the value of their assets, covering all areas of action: development, asset management, marketing and promotion.



We create mixed-use projects that revolutionise cities and retail: we develop and breathe life into spaces ranging from homes, offices, public services, hospitality facilities and urban infrastructure to leisure centres and entertainment, culture and healthcare hubs.



Every day we act to reduce our environmental footprint, improve quality of life in the areas we operate in, enhance suburban areas and create social unity among those who live there, in order to do business sustainably.
We strive to be leaders in innovation and industry, to serve as an example of positive-impact regeneration in real-estate worldwide.



We make our international and multi-disciplinary know-how available to local areas, institutions, clients and partners who share our vision. We listen to the community and identify tangible solutions for creating inclusive living places that meet local people’s needs. We act transparently, humbly, authentically and responsibly, confident that Nhood symbolises the difference we want to bring to the market.


We’re inspired by the “15-minute city” concept, a people-friendly city that respects the environment where time is well spent and all services are accessible to everyone within fifteen minutes, by bicycle or on foot.


We’re a good neighbour. As the first resident of the places we operate in, we welcome all who come to live here so we can really get to know them. We like working as a team and creating wholesome, long-lasting collaborations. We make room for innovation, the tangible sort, which brings added value. We prefer walking to driving, using bicycles to mopeds, and seasonal produce to greenhouse produce. We believe sustainability is key to tomorrow’s business, and we say no to any form of waste because every resource is precious! We’re proud that the work we do every day will have a positive impact on the neighbourhoods and cities of tomorrow.

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We think locally and we act for our neighbourhood. We experience the areas where our projects come to life. We know their history and their streets, their intricacies and their stakeholders. We collaborate “like a neighbour” by making genuine, human connections with everyone. Yes. We believe in the power of collective intelligence.


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Each of us has the power to act and this power gives rise to our greatest commitment: satisfying our customers as best as possible. Going beyond their expectations, foreseeing needs and trends and continuously innovating. To do this, we’re driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, our resourcefulness, our will to succeed and our creativity!


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We want our project to have a threefold positive impact. We measure how our actions contribute to the environment, society and the economy to generate medium- and long-term performance. So we back up words with actions, making sure we can measure and track our progress in terms of the planet, people and profit.

Our story

Our story

We are Nhood. The name is new but our history is made up of 45 years of experience and evolution. Our background is solid and our view is to the future. From its establishment as a real estate branch to the organisation it is today, dedicated to services, we have always acted by placing the customer and the citizen at the centre of what we do.

Our name represents the contraction of the word Neighbourhood: we are the good neighbour, we support our customers to satisfy their every need and we listen to citizens to create well-being for everyone.

  • 2021 – Nhood is founded

    Nhood Services comes from the merger of two real estate companies, Ceetrus and Nodi, headed by the Mulliez Group Holding. A new platform of mixed real estate services specialised in urban regeneration and active in the area of Development and Promotion, destined to become one of the main players in the industry on an international level.

  • 2018 – Ceetrus is founded

    Immochan changes its name and becomes Ceetrus, in representation of the new 2030 Mission, the payoff, “With Citizens, for Citizens”, expresses the renewed interest of the group towards everything that is at the service of people and in favour of connections among citizens: the goal is to create innovative, smart and sustainable locations for interaction.

  • 2003 – Gallerie Commerciali Italia is founded

    The Italian Immochan branch which operates in retail real estate in a short amount of time becomes a national leader.

  • 1997 – Immochan signs a partnership agreement with Rinascente

    This launches the transformation of the Città Mercato hypermarkets, owned by LaRinascente Group, becoming the first network of Auchan hypermarkets.

  • 1976 – Immochan is founded

    Real estate offshoot of the Auchan Holding owned by the Mulliez family (AFM)

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